The story behind

A single source of South African Macroeconomic Data.

This project was born out of a desire by the team at Codera to create a centralised repository of automatable South African macroeconomic data. The team, having many years of experience in researching South African economic issues, wanted an easily-accessible, up-to-date source of data. This platform is a result of that effort.

We at Codera are proud to make this data freely available to you, the public. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and availability of the data at all times. Our team uses the data to automate models, do research, and create value-add products such as indicator, forecast, and structural dashboards of the economy. These dashboards are made available to our private clients. If you would like to know more about our product offerings and/or would like to become a client, please be sure to visit our website.

To allow for automatable workflows, we provide and open API and a package for R. In keeping with its SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange) heritage, the data API aims to maintain compatibility with other SDMX tools where feasible.